Danville Cares can only exist with your help. Every penny given goes to help those in need. Will you help us? Click the image above to donate.    

Together we can make a difference.


Who are we? We are a group of citizens of all ages, working together to make an actual difference in the lives of others in Danville, VA. Our goal is to help others and not judge others based on needs, but love them through the pain, and show them that regardless of our circumstance we have the ability to be the good in this world.

Our projects

Have you ever paused to think just how much difference you could make by doing volunteer work? Do you have anything you are willing to give to help?



Do you like our mission so much you want to join up? Do you share our interests and want to help, too?

Sign up to volunteer for one of our projects! Do so by using the Contact Us page or signing up here!


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